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Welcome to my site dedicated to the Rover 200 Cabriolet. Over time i hope the site will become packed with information for enthusiasts and owners of Rover Cabriolets, with only around 3000 left registered in the UK (according to, Rover Cabriolets are becoming an ever decreasing sight on our roads, yet they offer, in my biased opinion, one of the most affordable entries into soft top motoring, both in terms of purchase price and maintenance costs, and in my experience they are incredibly reliable cars too!

The following two pictures are examples of an early Rover Cabriolet (pre facelift) and a facelifted model. The main visible differences in these pictures being the grill and the enlargement of the indicators. Although there were several other minor design changes across the exterior and interiors.

Pre-facelift Rover Cabriolet
Facelift Rover Cabriolet

What is a Rover R8?

If like me when i first bought my Rover Cabriolet you are wondering what a Rover R8 is, the R8 was the development code Rover used when developing the MK2 200 and MK1 400 Rover models, which share a high percentage of parts, the 200 models being available in Cabriolet, Coupe and Hatchback models, the 400 being available as Saloon and Estate models.

Hatchback and Saloon models were available from 1989 – 1995, Cabriolet and Coupe models were available from 1992 – 1998, and estate models were available from 199? – 1998.

As you may know the Mk3 200 and MK2 400 models were introduced in 1995 meaning the Cabriolet, Coupe and Tourer (Estate) models overlapped the newer models which were only available in hatchback and saloon versions. This does, occasionally, cause a small degree of confusion when ordering parts for these models.


  1. tom hargreaves says:

    hi i own a 216 97, cab having a problem locating a drivers side door seal can any body help thanks.

    • admin says:

      Hi Tom.

      Sorry for the delayed reply. Have you tried or a search on ebay for someone breaking a cabriolet?

    • Steve says:

      I have one located in Leicester or can post 07947603245.
      Have many cabriolet parts I would like to know of any meets.

  2. David Johnston says:

    Looks like a good site your setting up, i have a 1998 cabriolet & find it hard looking for info when needing to carry out maint/repairs, as you mention they are a very good car over looked,i must addmit i find mine nicer to drive than
    a BMW E36 of similar age! all the best with the Fan Site

  3. admin says:

    Thanks David. I do have alot of content i want to add to the site, it’ll take time but it should become a great resource for these cars, as they are getting rarer all the time.

  4. mike says:


    I have a cabriolet 1995, and would like to consider converting it to an automatic with either a 1.6 engine or a later 2 litre v6 k series


    are there any body kits to help “stiffen” the body


    • admin says:

      Hi Mike, bit beyond my knowledge i’m afraid but someone on the owners club forum might be able to help you:

      As for stiffening up the body, you’d be looking at suspension and springs, along with strut braces (not sure if you can get rear ones to fit the Cabriolet though)

  5. Mark says:

    Hi, just came across this site, looks great!
    I have a 1996 216 convertible, lovely car and not bad for getting the family in either.
    I have managed to source a tow bar for mine, but I’m struggling to find any information about the weight limits and what it can tow, can you help?

  6. Richard Hogg says:

    I have a 95 Cabriolet that i’m in the process of doing up. The site is and will be excellent for information, what about a rover cabriolet owners club?

    • admin says:

      Hi Richard. Thanks for your comments, hopefully the site will eventually provide a great resource for current or would be cabriolet owners.

      I think owners who want to join a club should consider joining the Rover 200 / 400 owners club which is for all R8 models including cabriolet and coupe models. (

  7. Rick Gregory says:

    Mass respect to the producer of the site! A good following needs to be built for these excellent and underrated cars, why have a b.m.w? escape the steak head image and buy yourself abit of class and descretion!

    • admin says:

      Thanks for your kind comments. Eventually this site will be packed with information! Alot of the pages are work in progress at the moment.

  8. Richard Hogg says:

    Hi Dave,
    Thanks for the advice re the car mats. I bought a set of genuine Rover Sandstone/beige from Rimmer Brothers that are designed for the 200/25 and they’re almost a perfect fit and they were just over £10, a bargain!

    • admin says:

      Hi Richard

      My names Ashley, not Dave, but you are more than welcome all the same.

      I’ve got a black set of those in my cabby, the fronts are perfect, the backs don’t feel quite right to me, but everyone says the mats / floorpans are the same fit across the R8 and bubble range so who am i to argue. Either way they fit and look alot better than any aftermarket mats you’d be able to find.

  9. Chris says:

    Hi there.
    At the mo I have an MX5, but so dissatisfied that I am looking for a nice 214 cab to replace it. ( Why is it a cabriolet and not a convertible, or am I showing my age?)

    Any guidance would be appreciated.

    As soon as that happens I will be on here asking for info..haha.

    So glad you created this site, and hope to soon join in.

    • pete says:

      hi its called a cabriolet as it has the “roll bar” behind the front seats same as the escort cabriolet the convertible cars are pillarless with no “roll bar” hope that helps…

  10. Ashley (Site Owner) says:

    Hi Chris, good choice!

    I don’t know why Rover chose to call it cabriolet and not convertible.

    There is not too much that needs looking at on them really, there are a few common rust spots (but the underneath tends to wear well and unless accident damage should be rust free, minor surface rust accepted!) – The rusty body spots tend to be front and rear arches, bonnet lips and just above the sill infront of the rear arch.

    If it were me looking to buy, i wouldn’t rule out a 214 or 216. You’d want to think about whether you want an early car (no grill) or a later car (grill) or an even later car (bubble style dash).

    Personally my wish list if i ever replace my current cabby would be a Honda engined 216 or a very late k series with leather interior.

    • Chris says:

      I too like the leather interior. Not many around, but I did see a coupé interior for sale. Are they the same?
      Saw a blue 214 on that famous internet sale site, looks a nice colour.
      What is late for a K engine? I have only seen cars up to 1996 I think.
      Do they all have electric hoods and ABS?
      The strangest thing, the MX’s lights have popped up all on their own with the car standing on the driveway! Maybe it is happy to go!

      • Ashley (Site Owner) says:

        Whilst the hatchback versions of the 200 ended in 95, the coupe, cabriolet and tourer R8′s continued until 98 (alongside the new bubble 200 / 400′s).

        Pretty sure the later ones all had electric hoods and ABS.

        The coupe / cabriolet share interiors so if you found a car without leather and wanted to add it, its simple enough you literally just need the seats and the door card inserts.

  11. Chris says:

    Anyone replaced their electric aerial with a new one that works?
    The one I have gets stuck going up and down, because it is bent slightly.
    Tried straightening it and it has improved a bit, but decided to replace the mast before the motor gives up or the gears strip.
    So brought a replacement mast for just over 11 quid plus postage. Looks a simple job, will write up what it takes if nobody else has done this.

    • Ashley (Site Owner) says:

      Hi Chris

      Someone had ripped my aerial (and some of the wiring) out and replaced it with a rubbish reception ‘modern’ aerial, so i took a new aerial and snip of the wiring loom from a donor car and fitted it. It was a while ago, but if you’d like to take a couple of pics and do a quick write up that’ll be great!

      I’ll drop you an email so you have my address…

      • Chris says:

        Hi, just cleared my junk mail! Hope your email was not in there yet. Typical, every time you ditch something, the next day you need it.
        Now I have the cab, the sun has gone in, but as soon as I will get camera out and have a go.
        Like the idea of fitting an illuminated MGF mirror, either that or an illuminated key socket.
        Would it be an idea, to log somewhere, breakers yards with suitable cars in them?
        Maybe yards would be happy to advise when they get one in even, after all, that would increase their chances of finding buyers for the parts.

        • Ashley (Site Owner) says:

          Hi Chris

          I’ve resent the email, so see if you get that!

          If i remember correctly the 216′s came with an illuminated key socket, so i’m sure it could be retro fitted.

          I have the MGF mirror fitted, but have’nt wired it in, i’ll do that when i try the illuminated sunvisor as it’ll all use the same wiring.

          Good idea, i’ve started a small forum where information like that can be shared.

      • Tim burgess says:

        Hi Ashley
        I recently bought my second Honda engined rover 216 cabriolet n reg 1995.

        I filled it right up with petrol only to discover that petrol started leaking all over the forecourt
        From the top of the fuel tank.

        Do you know of anyone with a fuel tank for this model for sale. Also does the fuel tank differ
        with the k-series engined later model, as I can get a second hand r reg fuel tank but hesitate as not sure it would fit my car.

        Would appreciate some help with this info. Also does the standard saloon version use the same tank!

        Many thanks and best regards,


        • Ashley (Site Owner) says:

          Hi Tim

          I’m pretty sure the fuel tanks are different. Take a look at Rimmer Bros site which will give the part numbers so you can try and work out what may be compatible.

          • Tim Burgess says:

            Thanks Ashley sorry for late reply, I was expecting it on my hotmail.
            I was speaking to a Rover breaker and he thinks that it would be the fuel pump seal that has gone, not the fuel tank at all. Also the fuel pump is now not working so am getting a replacement anyway.
            Is it common for the fuel tank to leak at the top if the fuel seal has gone?
            Anybody else had similar problems.

            Many thanks and best regards


  12. Chris says:

    Haven’t explained, I picked up a presentable 214 cab from that internet sales site. Needs a bit of a scrub up inside and out and a general tidy up. Rather like a reduced Stag, more a GT than sports car.

  13. Mark says:

    Has anybody tried to fit a luggage boot rack to a Cabriolet before?
    I quite like the idea of having a boot rack, but I cant find anywhere who might be able to supply or make one. I’m not sure if an MGF rack would fit or not.
    Any thoughts anybody?

    • Ashley (Site Owner) says:

      I don’t think i’ve ever seen one fitted.

      Maybe worthwhile trying to find an MGF owner with one who will let you size it up on yours.

    • Chris says:

      Hi there.
      Another alternative might be one from a Mazda MX5.
      There is also a strap on alternative that I have seen, comes from Australia I think.
      Remember that the old Spitfire had an option for one, so Rimmers might have some information.
      From listening to others complaining, they tend to mark the boot, get very dirty in the rain and are not that dry nor secure.
      Good luck

    • Chris says:

      Hi, looking for a black recline handwheel for my cab I came across this site, and one item they have is a boot rack.

      • Ashley (Site Owner) says:

        Black recline handwheel? You mean the seat adjuster? I’ve got a set of cloth seats kicking round in the garage with black trim. They are a bit buried but if you want it i can pull one off next time they are accessible.

  14. ali says:

    just taken ownership of my dad’s lovley 216SE cabriolet, but I have a problem. My electric hood isn’t working and I see that my resevior is empty. I think its because the t bar screw had been left open. Only thing is how do I refill it again? Is it through the t bar screw or is there another point.

    Any help much appreciated

    • Ashley (Site Owner) says:

      Hi Ali

      I wrote an article here that may help (it highlights the common faults when the roof does’nt work).

      To refill / top up the hood fluid, there is a ‘bolt’ on the pump that you remove (this is seperate from the T piece).

      Its a bit suspicious that its completely empty though! Might indicate a leak from one of the parts (pump, pipes or rams).

      Incase you didn’t know the T bar being loosened allows you to operate the hood manually.

      • Chris says:

        Topped up my hydraulic reservoir today, thanks Ashley for the instructions.

        Used hydraulic jack oil, which came with a handy flexible spout, esential with that fill-up being on the side of the pump, very difficult to get to.

        It seemed to fill up very slowly, needed a squeeze to the bottle to encourage the oil to fill the reservoir.

        Nice smooth operation now, just hope we get a few more sunny days so I can now use it more.

  15. Chris says:

    Evening. Hope all have enjoyed at least one day of sunshine and roof down drive. I did and discovered scuttle shake. Is this normal and how bad can it be? As an opposite, how noisy is the wiper linkage supposed to be? Mine sounds like a pre-war car! Clank clank and they do a funny false stop when set to intermittent.
    What are others views?

    • Ashley (Site Owner) says:

      My last day was at the weekend since today was a bit overcast. Mine suffers from scuttle shake too, but only on rough roads and i put this down to a poor lowering job, but maybe they all suffer?!

      My wiper linkage is’nt noisy so sounds like your motors bearings are shot.

  16. Chris says:

    Hi all.

    Does anyone know how to disconnect the co-ax lead from the electric aerial to the radio?

    There is a small connector, but pulling, pushing and turning does not seem to part the connector.

    Looking at the Rimmer web site it looks to be a standard coupling, but even they did not know about it.

    So, anyone replaced their electric aerial and if so how did you do it?

    • Chris says:

      OK. It does just pull apart, just needed more effort on my part.

      Other than that the changing of the aerial was very easy.

      Will take the old one apart and see if it can be repaired, if it can will report back.

  17. les corless says:

    hi i was just wondering if anyone could tell me where 2 find a new hood 4 my rover 216 cabriolet at a reasonable price ? i live in the northwest area,thanks les

  18. Dan says:

    Hi just want to say this is a great site you have i got a 94 214 cabriolet racing green as my second car will keep her for ever lol does anyone know where i can get a roof handle/lever for pasenger side im sure the escort ones are the same after searching ebay for hours but cant find no info on google can anyone help? Thanks

    • Ashley (Site Owner) says:

      Hi Daniel, thanks for your compliment.

      I’m pretty sure the escort ones are the same. If i remember correctly there is a slight design difference in the handles (likely between model years) but they all fit the same and can be interchanged.

      I’ve got one in the garage if you want, it i’ll drop you an email.

      • Dan says:

        Thanks ashley:) i replied to your email today and thanks for the info.I recently had my pasenger roof strut welded back to the inner wheel arch as it riped the braket off!! due to rust. but before i found the problem i was trying to lock the roof by pulling the handle down to hard! as it would not lock in place and it snaped off! Is there a link on your site for face book? so i could share it with other rover cabriolet owners?Dan

        • Ashley (Site Owner) says:

          I’ve heard of that happening a few times, power hood? Luckily its pretty easy to repair.

          I don’t have anything on facebook, if/when i ever complete the site i might look at adding a page.

          • Dan says:

            Hi ashley just thought i would let you know i finally fit the roof handle i got from you like 6 months ago and it fit perfect now have a 50% water tight rover cabriolet lol just another 10 hours polishing!! and she will be ready for mot:) thanks mate

  19. Karl Sheridan says:

    Hello all – I have a low mileage 214SEi cabriolet 36.000 miles which I’ve owned for over a year. Its a 1995 one. Firstly this website is brilliant and I hope it continues. I would however contest the figure of 3000 cabriolets being around – the DVLA state that there are around 700 Rover 214/216 left both on the road and on SORN and that includes the 200 series Tomcat/coupe. Scuttle shake seems part of the deal I’m afraid, and for those wondering about a front strut brace these can be obtained from Demon Tweeks at around £70…. I have fitted one which meant moving the front of the washer bottle down a little, however the results don’t justify the purchase as I’ve discovered, making very little difference if at all! rear braces don’t seem available. I previously had a MX5 mk1 and driving the Rover cabriolet for the first time made me think the damned thing was dropping to bits, however one gets used to it apart from over very bad roads. I did think about having a T bar fitted like the Triumph Stag has but unsure on this….. Lowering makes no difference to the shake by the way.
    I have a love/hate relationship with it, currently I have a slightly noisy gearbox, and a noisy cam follower. I’m just debating replacing the G/B as well as the followers… provided I can find a rusty scrap 214 with good mechanicals to salvage… anyone got one for sale?
    Anyway, I’d love to hear from anyone in the East Yorks area so we can meet up and compare rides and notes??

  20. Ashley (Site Owner) says:

    The DVLA figures are quite inaccurate because it depends on the detail used on your reg document, MOST cabriolets will be listed as Rover 214 Cabriolet, Rover 216 Cabriolet rather than just Rover 214 etc. Either way it can’t be disputed that they are getting rarer and rarer.

    My scuttle shake is bad but i think its made worse by my cheap lowering job! There are some rear braces available on ebay for the later 200 models, which if i remember correctly share the same chassis dimensions etc as the R8′s so ‘should’ fit the cabriolet too.

    I know what you mean about love hate relationship, mine is coming up 170000 so i have a fair bit of hate at times!

  21. Karl Sheridan says:

    Hi Ashley. I have fitted a turret brace and it does not really improve things I’m afraid. Certainly lowering makes no difference apart from making the cabriolets look better… they do seem to have a fair bit of space round the wheel arches!
    I currently can feel that I have a transmission vibration – very slight that I can feel through the gear stick. I’ve had all wheels balanced to perfection (I think my local national Tyres are sick of the sight of me!) so its either drive shaft or gearbox. The previous owner was apparantly a bit careless as it had a new clutch fitted at 25.000 miles (female driver I’m sayin’ nuthin’!)
    Currently looking for a low mileage nightfire red 214 with leather interior charcoal that might be going for scrap cos of rust – anyone got one out there? I’m in East Yorkshire….. looking to get a decent gearbox y’see…..

  22. Mark says:

    Hi, I have a 96 216 cabby, owned it for over a year and use it as my main car commute car… I love it, apart from mine pulls and drifts about a bit.
    I’ve put 2 new front tyres on which has helped a bit but is more annoying, as I find myself trying to correct the drift and then wondering about the road. It hasnt been in any accidents if people think its not straight.
    Do they all drift and pull or is mine just totally unique??
    Any feedback would be great.

    • Karl Sheridan says:

      Hi mark – Mine does not drift at all, in fact it stays fairly straight on roads unlike my Rover 75 (2003) that does wonder. Thing to get checked is the four wheel alignment (proper bodyshop, not ATS etc…) and if thats okay check tyres – i.e. are they all the same make? differing tyre treads on the same axle can affect a cars handling drastically, especially on the front. As Ashley said tyre pressures too make a hell of a difference!

  23. Ashley (Site Owner) says:

    Don’t really get any drift on mine except if my tyre pressures are down.

    Might be worth having a garage do the tracking / wheel alignment.

  24. Beryl hawkridge says:

    Hi. I have just found your web site I have a Rover Cabriolet for sale. The reason for this sale my husband Graham past away last May and I need the garage space

    It has 848551 miles on the clock all in good condition with Honda Engine not Moted never had any problem with it. Hope some one on your site will make me a good offer I live in Swindon

    Thank you for your help

  25. Colin French says:

    Great site Ashley, just bought a 97 cab, great car. Just a quick question: does the rear window fan blow warm air or is it true that it simply blasts out cold air? Cheers Colin

    • Ashley (Site Owner) says:

      Hi Colin

      It just a blower so its cold air, it does do its job on a misty window fairly easily but on a frosty morning it takes some time!

      I imagine it wasn’t designed as a warm blower as that would likely damage the plastic screen.

      • Mark says:

        Rear window fan? Not sure mines got one. I have a 216 SE 1996 model, how can I find out if I have one, and more importantly how do I get it to work?

        • Ashley (Site Owner) says:

          It would have had one originally, its basically a rear window demister – obviously the windows don’t have the heated elements like a glass screen.

          If you look on the back ‘parcel’ shelf you’ll have a little grille, the fan is underneath (also seen from the boot)

  26. Colin French says:

    Thanks for the heater info and Beryls email add. Another question. Bought a lovely shiney S/S exhaust back box for my cab the other day from ebay. Described as…: ROVER 216 MK3 HB 1.6 i 16V EXHAUST BACKBOX 11/95-11/99…. went to have it fitted today and discovered it is totally differant to the back box thats on the car…..Does the Cabriolet use a back box that is only for the cabs and will fit no other 216. Cheers again, Colin

    • Ashley (Site Owner) says:

      I think the cabriolet exhausts are the same however the cabriolet is based on the r8 hatch model 1989 – 1995 but you’ve bought for the mk3 rover which are the bubble shaped cars.

      The cabriolet, coupe and tourer models were built upto 1998 based on the old shaped hatches.

  27. Tony Hawkridge says:

    Hi all

    I have a 1996 214 cab red with black roof, it’s been in my garage for 4 years , only moved to be mot’d

    It belong to my father who sadly passed away a year ago,, the roof is 100% mint the rest is 95% , it a great little runner and I understand it has the Honda engine, if any one would like to buy it please let me know


  28. Jeff Edwards says:

    I have a 1998 216 Cabriolet on a “S” plate … it is a fantastic motor car in beautiful condition.
    Hope you can help me … I have a power hood .. the motor goes ok but the hood will not move .. At present I have it on manuel … I have been told the problem could be not enough fluid in its motor for the hood .. I have the fluid … but I am unable to see were it goes! … I know the workings are in the boot .. Hope you can help me.

  29. Jeff Edwards says:

    Many thanks for your help Ashley … I will let you know how I get on … Happy Motoring … Jeff

  30. Karl Sheridan says:

    Hi everyone. having problems with my 95 214 cabby. Fuel gauge seems way out! Can fill the tank and do around 80 miles but the gauge then reads half empty. Initially I thought I was doing 6 to the gallon (panic!)but manually checking proves I’m doing 40 mpg average. Is the cabriolet sender unit same as the saloon? Rimmers don’t seem able to answer and only list the 200/400 1.6 & tourer… XNB10018 but I’ve got my doubts. Anyone know??
    Any one got one going spare? ££££ ready.
    Cheers Chaps!

  31. Keith Corless says:

    I’m planning on replacing the roof on my 214 cabriolet; but before I can proceed, I need to replace the two retaining brackets (near side and off side) that clamp the rear of the hood to the rear quarter deck. My ones are too rusted to use ( a common problem I believe. I can get a near side from Rimmer’s but need an off-side before proceeding. Can someone advise me where I might be able to get these; I would appreciate hearing are if there any near-new used roofs out there (beige and electric). Thanks, Keith

    • Ashley (Site Owner) says:

      Hi Keith

      I’ve got one of the banana shaped parts in the garage but cannot remember its condition so i’ll dig it out and have a look. I repaired the ones on my current car with some galvanized strapping and some pop rivets.

      Whats the window retaining bar like? They normally rust too!

      Not seen any cream roofs for sale recently, point of note though the roof themselves are not electric, the roof bolts onto the electric or manual mechanism so you can use a roof from a manual or electric car.

      • Keith Corless says:

        Hi Ashley,
        Thank you for your input. I’ve come across a hood(manual including frame and head lining), so from what you say there should not be any incompatibility with that frame and the electric one. Regarding the window retaining bar (is that the one that runs along the rear deck,about 30inches long?), it looks in good condition; ie. there don’t appear to be any (rust)
        pimples under the roof material. If your retaining bracket is a near side one, do you think it would be rust free enough for it to be used as a template for making new one, and could you loan/sell it me (I’m near watford).
        I much appreciate your advice;

        • Ashley (Site Owner) says:

          Yes the hoods are interchangeable, the only difference is a manual hood has a small extra bracket where is connects to the rams, it’s held in with a circlip just remove it.

          That’s what I refer to as the retaining bar sounds like yours is ok.

          Ill dig out my spare part to see the condition, I think it’s ok from memory, but not sure.

          • Ashley (Site Owner) says:

            Hi Keith is the email address you used when you registered valid? I’ve emailed you…

  32. Terry Harris says:

    Hola Ashley,what a great site for us Rover cabby owners.Bought my 216/Honda engine 1996 in 1999 and is now resident in Spain.
    Still goes really well and keeps passing the ITV or Mot,only problems I have are:- powered roof needs replacing,rear boot lock and ariel both need replacing.
    Considering the scarcity of this car would you reccommend effecting the repairs at some cost,possibly more than the car is worth,or just stick with itand drive it with the top down?
    Recently bought Honda CR-V as the local roads can be a bit iffy.

    • Ashley (Site Owner) says:

      Hi terry, they must be even rarer over in Spain!

      The aerial and boot lock shouldn’t cost you too much todo – worth checking if the lock is the same as the coupe or hatchback (or 400 models) probably is!

      When you say the hood needs doing – do you mean the fabric or the mechanism? Let’s face it the hoods probably the biggest expense on these cars. I’d do the hood on mine – but if you can park it undercover and only use it as a second car – who cares if the hood is tatty?

    • Chris says:

      Bit late I know, and hope this is in time.
      I had to replace my aerial as it had a slight bend in it, so would not fully retract.
      Tried the replacement aerial as offered on the bay and on some utube sites! It does not work. The aerial does not just pop out, it is very securely fixed to the motor mechanism.
      What is wrong with yours? My old one is in bits at the moment but the motor works fine so might be of some use if you want it.

  33. Terry Harris says:

    Hi Ashley,will take your advice and use my cabby through the summer
    when the weather forecast is good.I do have a cover for it as I don’t have a garage or car port.
    Could you advise on best distributors in UK for the parts needed.
    Thanks again.

    • Ashley (Site Owner) says:

      Your best bet if you are looking for ‘new’ parts would be to try – i don’t think they have either part in stock though.

      Otherwise i’d suggest contacting people advertising on ebay who are breaking a cabriolet – hopefully someone will post to spain for you!

      You can pick up a second hand hood for reasonable prices and the whole hood is a bolt on / off part – but shipping to spain would cost alot i’m guessing, and i guess there aren’t many Rover Cabriolets in spain either so you can’t source a local replacement

  34. Terry Harris says:

    Thanks for your reply,will try your suggestions.

  35. james canavan says:

    will you be giving details of installing a power hood soonplease

  36. mark says:

    Hi, Can anyone tell me what type of oil I need for my 216 cabby? Thanks

    • Ashley (Site Owner) says:

      Assume we are talking engine and not hood oil – pretty sure it’s just standard 10 / 40

  37. don says:

    Hello – Anyone want 5 brand new 15″ alloys and 175/15/55 tyres – only done 500 miles for half what they cost ?

  38. rover roof :) says:

    i live in yeovil, somerset and own a 1.6 rover cabriolet (1996) we have had it for about 4 years and the roof has slowly deteriorated and no longer goes up completly. we believe that we need a whole new roof including all the metal, is it worth having it done, and where can we get it done? PLEASE HELP!

    • Ashley (Site Owner) says:

      Hi there, I live in poole but work in and around north dorset (so not far from you).

      You might be best looking for a whole roof second hand (assuming your frame is broken), new hoods ( seem reasonable) aren’t too much but you’d need a good frame to attach it too!

      If you fancy a drive over to me I’d be happy to look at it for you to see if we can assess th condition.

      • rover roof :) says:

        Sorry for taking so long to reply, would it be possible to organise some time next year to meet up as it is difficult to drive at this time of year because of the unpredictable weather.

  39. Keith Corless says:

    I don’t know if what I have is of any help; I have just replaced my roof+frame and have stored in my garage, a complete frame, (it worked when I removed it; it’s electric), a tatty hood (but complete). the frame may need an elbow-bracket (plus some WD 40), and a driver side retaining bracket. -[ashley knows my story; but it can be collected-I live near Watford(herts), the minimum size car to transport it would be a Polo, or similar. if it is too far travel just let me know; my wife has promised to make other arrangements for its removal!!

  40. Graham Hart says:

    First I am not very good with computer I bought my 216 cabriolet a few weeks ago a long story but I saw it for sale just passing the dealer and I love it reading some of the letters I don’t get any wandering or vibration it drives lovely just had rear window fitted it really wants headliner but I am going to have a go at it myself I think this is a very good website very informative you can learn a lot by just reading the letters

    • Ashley (Site Owner) says:

      Hi graham

      Welcome to cabriolet ownership! You must have smooth roads where you live!

      What year, engine and colour is yours?

      • Graham Hart says:

        Hi mine is 1994 colour green metallic im told its British racing green but im not sure its done a genuine 51000 miles it was a Jersey import its had four owners before me the last one was three months it was in a garage on axle stands from 2006 till April this year I have had it serviced and checked over by a local rover man he says its in very good condition he also gave it a coat of wax oil

      • Graham Hart says:

        sorry I forgot it has the Honda engine can anybody tell me where the socket is for the computer I took it to a garage to get a key programed and the chap couldn’t find the socket

  41. mark says:

    Hi Ashley,
    Great site, I have a 216 cabriolet in Nightfire Red,mine needs the rear window clamp rail, before I can put a new hood on it, no longer availible as you all know , has anyone got one they want to sell? none on ebay, gumtree etc I live in Bedfordshire.

  42. craig says:

    Hi I have a problem with my front drivers window it started to move around as if it had dropped out of the mechanism but ive looked and it hasnt but won’t go down or up properly any more. Is there a locator lug thats ment to go in a runner that ive over looked or something else along that line. Any help would be great as the wife is getting wet now

  43. Chris says:

    Winter drawers on! Storms in the south, southwest, midlands, north, east, southeast, who have I missed out? just a hope everyone is prepared and no cabbies get hurt.

    This weather is not good for Leyland cars, well that’s what they are, I know, mine is doing exactly what my old Ital used to do. Not start. Last year changed leads, plugs, coil, distributor, bit inside and had no probs till this last week, Is there anything inside the car that could be effected by damp. I have a small hole, plugged, in the roof, which sometimes makes the drivers seat wet. No, it’s not old age or even my bad driving! Any clues guys?

    • Ashley (Site Owner) says:

      Given your definitive list of replacements, I guess I’d be looking at earth points / leads and coil wiring (especially if you’ve got the cylinder style coil.

      • Chris says:

        So no magic wand then! Sure it has something to do with moisture.Spraying WD40 everywhere has had no effect though.Took dissy cap off and had a spray in there.still no change.When I replaced the rotor arm, leads and dissy it was all from the same supplier and the leads were rubbish. One was too short and one fell apart, So I am wondering if it is the rotor arm, maybe substandard. So getting a new one from Rimmers, costing nearly as much as the leads etc etc! The other thing is something inside the car? Can’t thk of anything, but if it is wet inside? I should add, it turns over fine, just does not want to catch or rather it does not even try to catch! Just turns over lustily. Oh well nothing planned for the next few days except renew tax, could the car be miffed that I haven’t taxed it already? Does it thk it has been neglected?

        • Chris says:

          Now here’s a strange thing. after days nice sun and warm, tried to start car, and it did, for a fraction of a minute! Then stopped. Tried starter again and now it sounds a bit lack lustre and no starting.
          Then started to rain, so gave up and went indoors to sulk.
          Got a new rotor from Rimmers, but it needs a screw to hold it in -place, the one I had did not have this so have to wait another few days for screw to arrive.
          Reading the MG-Rover forum, repeatedly replacing rotor arms seem to be a common nuisance almost as much as working out how to order groceries on line from Tesco!
          Did check earths and all seem tight.

          • Chris says:

            Rotor arm already had a screw, so needn’t have waited, except dropped screw whilst undoing it, how do these things know where to hide, then reappear when least expected. Managed to loose 8mm spanner and screwdriver as well whilst removing/refitting it all. So now it should start, yes? No. As the engine now sounds a bit “thin” when turning over, expect battery is getting knackered, so a charge is in-order. Have to wait for a dry day as I do not want to take battery out, and cause more mayhem. Mains outside in the rain might not be too good for the local electricity grid! Tesco home delivery might get a repeat order at this rate.

          • Rik says:

            Have you tried the fuel pump cut off switch? Behind the stereo and interior?

  44. Chris says:

    In the end gave up and called for home start service on my car insurance. Damp and Flooding. Keep car dry. In Wales?? Took ages for the car to start, drained his battery booster! So now I need to know how to keep the engine from getting damp and NO I am not having it in the house!

    • Chris says:

      Further to this event, once more it has failed to start. Even after trying for some charged up a slightly depleted battery and a day later it started no problem.

      With it running I measured battery condition. 14v charge 13v with engine stopped. So seemed ok. Next day the battery was down to 12.5v but engine started, on its return the battery was at 12.9v, with 12.4v next day. Something is taking 0.5v overnight. Now trying to assess if the loss is cumulative.

      I am also wondering if the motor needs to turn at a minimum speed for the sensors to operate, as the engine turns over but nothing else seems to work.Spark/fuel.

  45. Ian Hodgson says:

    Just purchased my 2nd cabriolet, its a 97 in BRG, electric windows, door mirrors and hood in good condition for age, just missing centres off alloy wheels, just wondering if anyone has any ? The wheels are latticework ones, here’s hoping :)

  46. craig says:

    Need so serious help guys my 216 cabriolet is getting flooded out I think it coming from the doors as the window seak on the top of the doors doesn’t touch the window its just agap. Can aanyone shed some light on this please do I need new seals or is there something wrong with my doors ?

    • Ashley (Site Owner) says:

      Hi Craig, i’ll email you.

      Probably need some pics so i can see whats happening…

    • Chris says:

      Did you find an answer to your problem?

      I noticed the other day that my window glass has dropped a little and I was getting a wet seat. Found I could pull it up an extra 1/4 inch. Will not have long to see if that stops the wet seating experience, it rains here almost every day, all day!

      Have you experienced any problems starting the car?

  47. craig says:

    Spelling above is bad I do apologise dam phone

  48. Chris says:

    Consider buying a roof cover. My roof has a couple of small holes, which I have patched from underneath, but the car was still getting a wet seat and seat belt?
    Put a roof cover, one of those thin plastic covers sold by most motoring equipment suppliers. They are really designed for hatchback cars and come in 3 sizes. The small one seems very suitable and it is now as dry as a bone.
    The door glass is not a tight fit into the roof rubber, remember the roof comes down with some force so I can see a loose fit allowing some flexibility and not break the glass. But there is no actual gap. The top of the glass should align with the top of the door rubber. If not, sounds like the glass is not rising enough, but the Haynes Manual does not show any way to adjust it. Maybe the whole mech. is a tad loose and dropped slightly.
    Have you tried to pull the glass up after it stops moving?
    Hope you find out what is wrong just in case it happens to mine..or others!

  49. keith says:

    I have now got a beige roof (fitted) and frame surplus to requirements. I have just replaced the previous on. The hood is a bit tatty and has three or four holes (but repairable)in it. The rear clamp is rusty but firm (needs wire brushing and rustproofing). The near side clamp is ok, but the off side is US. To make the frame complete it needs two arm links. If you know of anyone who could make use of it, or parts of it, then it would be available.

    • Ashley (Site Owner) says:

      Hi Keith. Remind me where abouts you are? Always worth keeping as spares are impossible to find and the more and more that get scrapped with only make it harder.

    • mark says:

      Hi Keith,
      Do you still have it,I only live 18 odd miles from you in Luton.

  50. WOW ! ! ! what a great site and so informative, YES we have our second 216 cabriolet (99 model in silver but only 77000km genuine mileage) after the top radiator hose ruptured (big time split along its length) and seized the engine of our 96 green one that had 180000km on the clock. We both love its soft handling and comfort !
    I recently had the head reconditioned as there was a slight weep from the head gasket – runs well with no problems thus far.
    my questions are – what pitfalls are there in changing the soft top over as the 99 one has a few tension splits occurring around the edges ?
    – are you able to recommend or supply a workshop manual for this delightful car ?

    Keep up the conversation, as i plan on keeping this one well into retirement (at least 20 years) as it fits our town house site better than the stag. Come visit our website adobe and yes we are in New Zealand where there are still a few on the roads !

    • Ashley (Site Owner) says:

      Hi Ian, Welcome to the site. I’ve spoken to a couple of other New Zealand based owners so they must have been pretty popular over there.

      The hoods are easy to swap over, you could have them swapped in a couple of hours – its a one person job upto lifting the hood on and off.

      As for workshop manuals – the best one i’ve found was a copy of the genuine rover workshop manuals – a link to buy one on ebay is in the sidebar of the site.

  51. keith says:

    Ashley, I am at Northwood, HA6 near Watford. 2miles from M25.
    You may be able to advise on a problem that I have with the replacement hood/frame that I had fitted. The rear windows when in the raised position do not line up with the upright rubbers/slots in the roof. The result is the window is prevented from closing fully. When the roof fitter put the frame and roof on and then closed it (it is electrically operated) the link arms broke so I have been running since then without link arms and with the windows permanently partially open. I assume that the link arms are designed to force the roof stays into position. On inspecting the mechanism, the distance between the two balls/sockets that the link arms attach to seems a lot more that the length of the link arms themselves. Is that normal and do you have any technical tips for me to avoid snapping any new link arms that I install?
    Also it looks as if the ball is retained in the socket with circlips. From your experience do the ball and sockets ever wear to the extent that the ball will not remain in the socket?

    • Ashley (Site Owner) says:

      Hi Keith

      Probably a little far for me to collect it.

      I’m guessing your new hood was a second hand replacement? If so the snapping of the link arms is caused by either a seized or overtightened mechanism. The purpose of the link arms is to swing that section of the hood into position to go over the rear windows.

      With the window down and hood up, if you tug the hood (where it would meet the window) towards the side of the car you should move the mechanism (mine was jammed solid) and need lubricating and persuasion with a mallet and wooden wedge. One i had it moving smoothly i fitted the link arms.

      Don’t think you’ll get much wear in the sockets.

  52. keith says:

    Yes the hood was a used one. Thank you for the tech tip. I’ll let you know how I get on. Meanwhile have a nice Xmas and thanks for all the work you’re doing for we cabbies.

  53. Chris says:

    Just to hope everyone had a good Christmas and got all they asked for.
    Next it’s New Year and I wish all a very prosperous one.

  54. dan says:

    Hi guys would anyone be interested in my 214 cabriolet 96,000 miles engine is mint condition roof is ok but could do with replacing its racing green and on an m plate 1994 has mot but no tax think mot is up in may Needs clutch changing i have a new clutch just had no time to put in so will be included brand new clutch kit
    Only wanting £200 would rather sell to someone who loves these cars as much as i do
    Any pics and more info please email

  55. Dr. John Lourie says:

    Dear Ashley – Excellent website, well done! I’m selling a good 1995 (new grille) 216 Coupe, the poor man’s cabriolet but it does have the double detachable sunroof, and I’d readlly like it to go to someone in the Rover fraternity (or sorority) who would appreciate it, rather than just trade it in. Here are the details if you’d feel able to put them up on the site:

    1995 Rover 216 coupe (not Turbo),Tahiti Blue
    2 owners from new (current since 1997); used as second car, lady driver
    Tax and MoT to end of November 2014
    Detachable 2-part sun-roof (with original soft storage bag)
    New drive-shaft just fitted
    Good tyres/battery; tidy interior; minor surface rust
    Smooth engine/gearbox, uses no oil between changes
    130K miles; full service history from new; very reliable vehicle

    £475 or near offer

    tel: 01908 567418 (Milton Keynes)

    Very many thanks, and best wishes for the success of the site.

  56. Jane Poole says:

    Just in process of buying a blue Rover Cab 1999 in very good condition

  57. Mattias says:

    Hello everybody.
    I have a 216 cabby -94 and i live in sweden.
    I have some problems with my car.
    1.The engine take some oil. I have to fill often. But no blue smoke.
    2.My left rear window dont work. The mecanism sims to be worn out. But iam wondering if i can mont elektric rear windows.
    3.I have some problem with its lose some igntion fore a half a second.
    So the car shakes a bit. But its not very often.
    VBR Mattias

  58. Karl Sheridan says:

    Hi Ashley: Decided to shed some spares that suits the cabriolet range and wondered if any owners might be interested. I have a brand NEW cabriolet complete rear window assy fitted with a new retaining bar (now obsolete)in black vinyl: I paid £225 a couple of years ago and would accept £190. Also a brand NEW Rover boxed ECU MKC103580N. Not a recon but new! £80.00.
    Finally a brand NEW Rover boxed petrol tank sender unit @ £30.00.
    If anyone is interested they can call me on 01430 861636 evenings. I am still a Rover Sports Register member and I live in East Yorkshire. YO43. Still think the cabriolets are a brilliant buy!!

  59. NEIL HOLLOWAY says:

    I have a 1992 214 cab . It has no power steering and is an SPI model. i suspect it was built well before it’s December 1992 registration date. Can anyone suggest where I might be able to find the build date.

    • Ashley (Site Owner) says:

      I don’t think there is any way of finding the build date. If you ever remove any trim or parts they are often stamped or labelled with dates those parts were made which would give you and indication.

      Power steering was an optional extra on the early 1.4′s. It quite easy to retrofit if you were that way inclined.

  60. David Johnston says:

    Hi i’ve got a 1998 216SE which had the head gasket done, water pump , cam belt etc in 2007, the car is generally only used in summer/fine weather & garaged, it covers about 2k miles per year.
    The question is it has covered 10k miles since the new cam belt was fitted but is now 7 years on, i’ve had a mechanic inspect the belt & he says looks like new,& modern belts last longer than the oridginal ones did! he reconds it should be ok for another couple of years. Does anyone or yourself have an opinion on this, i know fords & other makes run 100k miles or 10 years before a belt change but i’m looking for a bit of feed back on this.
    Thanks keep the Cabriolets going chaps/ladies sunny weather on the way. Dave

    • Ashley (Site Owner) says:

      Hi Dave

      Welcome to the site.

      I think for peace of mind you ought to change the belt (and water pump). It will be well over rovers recommended service interval, and to be honest a belt and pump change isn’t going to cost the earth.

  61. Tom Lorimer says:

    My daughter has a 1996 216with the Honda engine. She had an over heating problem which was eventually put down to a failed thermal fan switch. However when I checked for a faulty thermostat, I could find no evidence that one had ever been fitted.
    Any thoughts??
    Tom .

    • Rik says:

      Mine has a stat, 1992 Honda 1.6 tc. If someone has removed it I’d suggest putting another one in and hopefully that will solve your problem

  62. neil says:

    i have an r8 im having trouble with exhaust emissions which are high it has just failed its mot because of this last year we had the same problem and the lamda sonsor and cat where replaced and it got through but this year same problem anyone got any tips on what to do thank Neil

    • Ashley (Site Owner) says:

      Hi Neil

      Did the cat and the lambda not come with a warranty? Nearly always have a 1 year warranty.

  63. Keith says:

    Hi Ashley,
    This is not a reply to Tom but is of a similar nature – overheating.
    My 214 (K-series) lost alot of coolant yesterday and overheated. I took it to the garage where they had a preliminary investigation and suggested I bring it back for a more thorough look see; but the initial thoughts were that it was a failing thermostat. (the lower hoses were cool whilst the upper hoses were hot). Any way we filled the radiator up and I gently made it home – just mile or two with frequent stopping. I left it overnight, and this morning the header tank was empty; looking at the rear of the engine, I noticed a split in the hose where it leads into the engine from the heater matrix . This is part no. PCH002010 (Rimmer catalogue) and is a mish mash of moulded hoses. It is called the Hose assembly-engine coolant valve; but I don’t see where the valve can be. This part is now no longer available and is replaced by PCH003300 This is described as including a Saab valve, which is easy to see in the pics. Am I correct in assuming that this is a heater valve and not the thermostat valve which kicks in when the engine is warm and diverts the coolant to the radiator? If it is just a heater valve, then where is it positioned in the hose with part no. PCH002010? Could a non-functioning thermostat build up enough pressure to cause the hose to split? Could they be two separate issues?
    Any thoughts?

    • Ashley (Site Owner) says:

      Hi Keith

      I’m not sure what the saab valve is to be honest, does yours still have the part labelled as 9 on this page:–i-GRID002833

      If you phone rimmers they will probably tell you, they are usually very helpful and knowledgable.

      Either way given the location and connections of the hose, this would be part of the heating section.

      The main thermostat is located behind the engine where there is a solid metal pipe towards the drivers side.

      I’d suggest that its probably all caused by the hose split (they do decay / degrade as they age), however the cost to replace the thermostat whilst the system is drained and mechanics working on it is so small its probably worth doing to be on the safe side.

      • Keith says:

        Thank you for your reply. The one on my 214 is labeled no.7 (PCH002010) on the Rimmer page you mention, but is out of stock. The replacement (PCH003300) is shown as no. 7 also and if you plug that product no (PCH 003300) into the product search button it distinctly shows a cylinder which is described as the saab valve. That is what is puzzling me because nothing like that appears on the PCH002010.
        Any way you have confirmed a good strategy to replace the thermostat at the same time. But if you do find an explanation for the “saab valve”, it would be nice to know what it does. I’ll let you know how I go on.
        Thanks keith

  64. Dee Elston says:

    Hi all new to the site had my 214 cabriolet about five yrs now love it think the site is fab as there is a lot of info!

  65. LGM says:

    Hi Ashley I am breaking a 1997 cabriolet a number of useful parts available all at sensible money should there be any interest please contact me any time on 07515857540 regards Leigh

  66. Owen says:

    Hi all,
    Are the twin exhausts from the 1995 model compatible with the 1996 model which didn’t come with a twin exhaust as standard?


  67. Dee Elston says:

    Mmmm did have cabriolet till some mind less mancunuin set it on fire spare parts I have a roof cover in grey any one wants let me know

  68. Dee Elston says:

    I also have the timing belt aligning kit both free to who ever can collect Manchester area x and a alternator that needs repair but better then taking your own out totally gutted loved my car so much recon engine gear box was doing so well at 20 yr old roof pins keep em safe guys x

  69. Jason says:

    I m looking rover 216 (1995 year) Engine overhual Gasket .. I cant find around … anyone can help me ? Email :

  70. Iann Gillan says:

    Hi there great sight. I’ve been looking at getting tyres for my cabriolet but after putting my reg into the engine it tells me a completely different size to what i have. My current tyres are 185/55/15r. Is this correct? thanks in advance.

  71. Wayneb004 says:

    Hi Guys, new to cabriolet ownership and have put a thread on the forum…just wanted to say this appears to be a very informative site, maybe need to find a way to publicise it a bit more to increase activity on here?…Im already signed up with RCOC due to 2 previous Tomcats and have been a member of for some time.

  72. Fred Garnham says:

    i am restoring a 216 convertiblei have a lot of spare parts including leather interior anybody interesting parts of interior send me an e-mail great site by the way

  73. rik says:

    Hi guys I have a black probably not original but waterproof hood for sale in Essex. The bar at the back that screws in has surface rust on it but is solid and is very savable and usable.

  74. tom d says:

    Hello, Im buying a soft top 214 in portugal

    What should i be noticing on these fotos at link attached? I reckon I can get this for about 1000euro. 2nd hand in Portugal is more expensive than UK

    • rik says:

      Rust which I doubt in a hot country :) check out the hood goes up and down and normal things on a rover r8, trailing arm bushes, cv joints, immobiliser system

  75. rik says:

    Oooh it’s a 1.4,definitely check engine and head gasket

  76. hello I have cabriolet 216 1,6 1998 Honda engine. I have big trouble with alarm and start cut of. engine starts run 3 sec. and fuel cuts of. do you know this problem, I live a small Island in denmark with no steeling, so I dont need the alarm but would like it working. great car when it is running.

    • Ashley (Site Owner) says:

      Not sure on the engine cut out, but the alarm problem, is it sounding without any interference? There is a way to deactivate the whole alarm (Look for a box hidden behind the centre console) or check the sensors (door sensors, bonnet & boot)


    I have a rover Cabriolet 1997 and i wish to buy the following spare parts:
    1) Washer motor
    2) hydraulic ram fitter, left side for the soft top.

    Can you give me the required information about the breaker ,who could help me.
    Many yhanks beforehand,

    Bruno Gillès de Pélichy
    B- 8310 Brugge

    • Ashley (Site Owner) says:

      I have a spare ram (there are not sided, you can use a ram from either side) – washer motor is likely to be similar from any rover of similar age (inc later 200′s) so probably easier to source locally.

  78. carsten ellerbæk from Fur says:

    hello thank you for answer. one more question; is it possible to get a elektrik diagram for the alarm system in a rover 216 1,6 cabriolet 1998. free or by paying.?
    kind regards
    Carsten Ellerbæk
    : Fur is a very small island in Denmark. but we have roads and car ferry.

  79. Hey all. I have recently bought a 1998 216 SE cabriolet Auto and yesterday it passed the MOT retest needing just a new CAT and fuel cleaner in the tank to pass emmisions. My budget has been really tight, I bought it as it was the only car I could afford for what I had and the owner was willing to pick me up to view it, one days MOT it had.It has steering wheel audio controls, EW, ER,EA, Alloys, original radio/CD changer
    The vinyl roof has srunk and split along the deges and there is a tear in the window, it is an aftermarket full peice one. There is a slight wear in the driver bolster and the drivers side door seems to have dropped a little though I can feel no play in the hinge. pretty much other than that it is a solid car with usual surface scratches you might expect from a car its age. It has done 83,000 miles, I have some service history and repair receipts including transmision plate, head gasket over the last 5 years,it does have an oil leak in the lower half of the engine somewhere, I think it is maybe from the oil filter, have 3 keys all codes for the original radio and cd changer and handbook. I have cleaned it up inside and out over and above good standards and its a good example of this car in my opinion but I am new to these apart from and old 95 216 saloon I used to have briefly.
    I would like to know the following things please:
    Is it likely the door needs new hinge pins?
    According to mine is the only 216 AUTO Cabriolet left from 1998 in the UK, there are none for 1997. I know there are more manual models but does this give mine any more value because it is AUTO and seemingly a rare variant ? It also has a towbar fitted.
    I really would love to give this car a new roof, sort the seat out and it would be a near perfect example and rare too being the auto unless the figures from howmanyleft are wrong. I dont think I can afford to do that right now and really could use a more practical car, less costly to run and insure even though I love driving it i wish could keep it. Any advice on the best places to advertise it would also be appreciated please.
    I feek responsible for this car, mostly because I beleive its so rare, maybe I have got it wrong and its not so rare after all ? If money was not an issue I would restore this car, but it is, it really is right now I’m a single parent and struggling emerging artist, would it be financially worthwhile to do so ?

    Sorry to go on a bit but I do love this car :-)

    Oh and by the way it’s a mid blue solid colour with light leather interior, light beige.

    Cheers, Paul.

  80. keith says:

    I have a rover se 214 cabriolet. My owners manual says that the rear seats will fold flat. I’m struggling to find the mechanism that allows me to do this. The manual points to a couple of buttons on the top edge of the seat rest, but on my model they are not obvious. There are a couple of brackets on the lower front edge of the flat seat cushions. These are tough to move. I am wondering if anyone has a description of how I might fold my ones. It appears to me that different models may have different mechanisms. I would appreciate it of someone might be able to advise or point me to some technical description as to how this works.
    Thanks in anticipation,


  81. don says:

    Hello – I’ve had my cabriolet for 2 years and have spent hours trying to find an “electric roof fault” only to discover the roof only works with the handbrake on!!! – thanks to your site. How many others have fell for this one ?

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